So far for 2015, La Isla Cuisine has had some great specials made up by our wonderful staff! Specials like blue crab mofongo, rum cocktails infused with blood oranges, rum club events with company owners making the journey to our establishment to educate and experience what we and all of our guests have built over the years. It has been a great year so far and March will not disappoint!

Alfonso and I give a huge amount of credit to our dedicated and wonderful staff who live and breathe La Isla. They take their time to educate themselves about Puerto Rico, the historically wonderful world of rum and contribute to the atmosphere that you experience when you, our guests, walk through the door: a family friendly environment where everyone is welcome to enjoy each other with some wonderful food and drinks made with pride-we are very honored as owners to have all of them with us! Stay tuned for some staff profiles to come…Now, onto March!



Chef Hernan always has some tricks up his sleeves, trying to bring traditional and experimental new foods using the ingredients of Puerto Rico. This month he has come up with Pollo Encebollado-chicken breast with cumin, garlic and vinegar, grilled and oven finished and topped with onions. If you are a fan of our Bistec Encebollado, but also love chicken, this is sure not to disappoint! Available now with rice and beans, tostones and side salad.



We are pretty excited about our cocktail specials as well as rum clubs at each location for the month of March. Each restaurant is having a sponsored rum club and unique drink specials at each location throughout the month as we ramp up to the day of each event. It promises to be a great time.

~ Redmond ~

Redmond will be hosting Flor De Cana rum from Nicaragua. There are 3 drink specials this month, each using this award winning rum and some very unique ingredients to create craft cocktails that will help you explore the world of rum: The Sabatini, Flor de Cana Macua and Tribal Cana.

Can you visualize fresh ingredients of pineapple, Serrano and jalapeño peppers? How about oranges, cherries and guava? Would you venture to drink fresh lime juice with vanilla, mint and some cilantro?


~ Ballard ~

Ballard will be hosting Appleton rums from Jamaica. As with Redmond, there are 3 drink specials each using another award winning rum to create great cocktails: The Appleton 43, Rum Punch Remix and Wray & Ting.

Muddled ginger, bitters and Appleton vx. Coconut water, pineapple juice and Appleton Jamaica Gold. Wray & Nephew overproof, lime and ting soda.


We are very excited to offer all of this to you. Please enjoy!

Thanks for the support as always.

~ Jason & Alfonso

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