In celebration of August being National Rum Month, each of La Isla’s original staff members will be selecting three of their favorite rums along with a little story behind each selection. This week we’re going to hear from Co-Owner, Jason Mikos. 

 All of the rums I’ve chosen are memory or story based. They’ve been with me for many years, not only because of the taste, but for the people I’ve shared them with along the way.

#1 — Bacardi 8 has an influential place in my rum drinking history; it was the first “sipping” rum I tried when we opened our doors over nine years ago. I (as many people do) thought of rum as a “rum and Coke” and that’s pretty much where it stopped. I was wrong. Bacardi 8 has a light smoke to it, a touch of oak, while being a little sweet, and dark fruits and caramel finish it for me. I still love this rum and I think it doesn’t get the attention it deserves!

#2 — Don Q Gran Anejo is probably my favorite rum to drink, period! Immersed in many great memories I have with Alfonso and many other great friends I’ve met along the way, this bottle has been at all those special occasions! A little vanilla, a little oak, a little sweet, the balance of this rum is perfect for any occasion. To me, this is the definition of what good rum is!

#3 — El Dorado 15 Year is one of the more unique and complex rums I’ve tasted. What I like about this rum is the story: sugarcane grown in Guyana, pressed and shipped back to Versailles, France, where it is then distilled in the oldest wooden Coffey still in use—from the late 1800’s. In combination with the oldest wooden Coffey stills, double wooden pot stills, and the Versailles single wooden pot still, this rum is blended and aged in old bourbon oak casks, then shipped back to Guyana to age. Whew, what a trip! That is a pretty complex system for just one rum, and it’s fantastic! Tobacco, dark fruit, vanilla…the tastes go on. By far, the best “storied” distillation process I’ve read!

- Jason

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