Just over four years ago I was sitting at our newly expanded bar in Ballard with my dear old friend Lee, staring up at shelves and shelves of delicious rum, and wondering: “how do we learn enough about all of this goodness to share it with our guests and employees? How do we bring that information to people so they too can get the most out of each glass they sit down to savor?”


Lee was running the kitchen at the time, and he and I had been experimenting with new recipes to expand and enhance our menu. We couldn’t very well give new dishes a permanent place if they hadn’t been run through the gamut of critique and criticism from those who would be coming in to have them on a regular basis. So, with these two ideas at the front of our minds, we decided to invite a few regulars and friends in to try our new recipes paired with some of our favorite rums. Thus Rum Club was born. Informal, lively and informative, it was the perfect environment to enjoy and learn about the many sides of rum.


After a few weeks of this, bumming around the bar, chatting about rum, the group endearingly started referring to themselves as the Rum Bums. Everything fell into place, almost as if we’d planned it that way. The weekly meetings quickly proved to be too frequent for all but our most, um, devoted rum enthusiasts, so we condensed it to once a month, designing posters and creating flights to make things interesting. I even went as far as doing research and contacting distilleries to get more information on the processes and the nuances of each rum. Currently our Rum Club gatherings remain a popular staple at both restaurants the last Tuesday (in Ballard) and Wednesday (in Redmond) of every month. Still an informal affair, it offers guests the chance to taste new flavors, meet new people and experience the warmth of this fun little community. We would love to see you all there this month or in the months to come. More info about our upcoming Rum Club, HERE.
















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