August is National Rum Month, with August 16th being National Rum Day. Who comes up with this stuff anyway? At La Isla, we don’t really care about ”why” August is National Rum Month, we just care that it is celebrated for the huge amount of history behind it, the impact it has had on the world, and the fact that we are a rum bar offering Washington some of the best rums you will ever find!

Many people still haven’t turned onto this spirit (dating back to the 17th century) except in the form of mixed cocktails, which isn’t a bad thing—we make some of the best mojitos around! But, there is another side of rum, rich in intricate flavors and senses that can only be appreciated while sipping by the glass.

We stock over 70 top-shelf rums at La Isla Cuisine and our staff is ready to share their favorites with you and help ease you into this age-old spirit. You can also get a rum flight to help you along the way. Whether you are new to rum or have enjoyed it for years, there is something to find at La Isla.

If you’d like to learn some fun facts about rum, CLICK HERE!

On to the special!

For this month, Chef Hernan created an island favorite — Ensalada de Carrucho, or conch salad. Conch (pronounced ‘konk’) is a tropical marine mollusk with a spiral shell. You may be familiar with these types of shells that people in the Caribbean or Hawaii use to blow as a loud horn.

In Puerto Rico, conch salad is served as a type of ceviche and the version we have is very reminiscent of the island: cubed conch, olive oil, garlic, lime juice, peppers, onions, and love. This is great for light salad and refreshing for the hot days of August in Washington!


Every month we have our bartenders play with different concoctions of rum from around the world. Some drinks are classics with a twist. Others are made from scratch using the bartender’s experience and creativity. This month, we are featuring the ”Dzama Breeze” at both locations. Dzama Cuvee Blanc, muddled cucumber and lime, elderflower liquor, and soda, served in a rocks glass. This cocktail is pretty tasty and also goes great with the hot weather.

Dzama rum is from Madagascar and if you haven’t tried it, we recommend getting a shot and exploring the complex, yet familiar flavors it has to offer.

More information can be found on this amazing rum by clicking HERE.

We’re embracing the fact that August is the last full month of summer. Pretty soon vacations will be over, kids will be back in school, and (gulp) the weather of autumn will be upon us, but forget all that right now and come join us on the patio. Order up some Ensalada de Carrucho with a Dzama Breeze and enjoy your friends and family. Build memories full of laughter, great drinks, and of course, great food from Puerto Rico!


Thank you for being our guests!

Jason & Alfonso
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